Check out a selection of our recent work below. Click on an image to expand the gallery.

Not just lighting - we just love re-purposing as well !!!

When is a clock not a clock?
Repurposed car parts, repurposed to tell the time. Don’t be late!

IMAGE - clock made with car hubcap
IMAGE - clock made with car parts
IMAGE - clock made with car parts

Pop-up Foundry!
Repurposed a gas cylinder for a forge, old copper water tank for quenching tank

Recycled copper pipe and wires for Junk Couture project.
Lamp with a clock! The base was the inside of a washing machine, second hand clock and old pipework.
Fire Pit made from an old gas cylinder, and old bits from trampoline.
Smoking area ashtray – old gas patio heater, deodorant bottle, and car parts!
Recycled copper sheet (originally a gutter) light shade lamp shade (16″ w x 16″ high)