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Bespoke lighting from recycled, pre used and sustainable materials

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Lumination | Luminate

noun ... Illumination
... a lighting up; a flashing out, as of light or energy; an illuminating outburst
verb ... to illuminate

Examples of recent projects ...

ReLuminate vintage camera turned into a light

The Re-Luminate Vintage Camera Light

A vintage camera can be a great addition to a desk or a sideboard.
We can take that one step further and have it provide lumination with style. Repurposing and relumination.

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Dimmable telephone light

Dimmable Phone Light

Vintage Rotary Phone converted to a dimmable table lamp

ceiling light

Ceiling Light

Pipe Frame
Made from reclaimed copper pipe and plumbing fittings

Copper and clutch car part ceiling light

Ceiling Light

Clutch Cage
This was made from a car clutch plate and copper pipe

One for the Music Lovers

An Old Cornet that was no longer working re purposed into a table lamp. The centre valve button has been reworked into the on/off switch. The base is reclaimed timber.


Table lamps

Two examples of various lamp designs made from old hot water immersion elements and reclaimed timber

Copper Plumbing Parts & Reclaimed Timber Lamp

Copper water element repurposed as a light

Copper Hot Water Heating Element & Reclaimed Timber Lamp

Have something similar in mind? You should get in touch with us.

Not just lighting - we just love re-purposing as well !!!

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Have something worth recycling, reluminating or repurposing?

That's what we do.

Whether you have an old paraffin lamp from the 1800's or a vintage lamp that needs some TLC, we are the one's you call.

We love nothing more than re-purposing old lamps and fixtures, giving them a unique twist and make them not only usable again, but also giving you a bespoke piece of lighting for your home or office.

Just pop your email and a brief description of what you need saving in the form below and we'll be in touch to see how we can help.

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